Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Game!

Jess and Clay invited us to go to the Utah state vs. U of U Game and Paul was cheering for U of U and We were cheering for Utah State.
So of course we were his enemy during the game.
The first touch down was by Utah state So of course we all got up and cheered all of us but Paul that is that was really the only good touch down they made that touch down was followed by i felt a hundreds touch downs by U of U They pretty much Kicked our butts but it was still fun and of course Paul was really happy.
I haven't ever been To a college football game so i was really excited we all decided to paint A's on our faces well all of us being Jess ,Jeb And I.
Jess kept posing really cute for me So i would keep taking pics of her they all turned out so cute here's one of them.

When we first got there it was really sunny so we were all squint eyed.
Jeb was having a lot of fun at first but then it started getting really loud there was this U of U fan sitting behind us That Jeb loved. He was so nice to him it was cute.
The mascot for U of U came up to Paul and gave him a high five i couldn't get to the camera in time so i just got him walking away it was pretty funny.
Jeb didn't know what to think about him and me and Jess are scared of mascots just people dressed up in general.