Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Winnemucca is fun to say.

We took the train to go see my sister and get her ready for baby #3 awe:) I can't wait to meet him.
It was quite a ride on the train an adventure I like to say. It was a night ride so we got on in salt lake at 11:30 at night and we arrived in winnemucca at 5:30 in the morning.
I didn't sleep and jasper finally got to sleep around 2:00 and then when he fell asleep it was smooth sailing the rest If the way. It was crazy to hear the trains horn every so often and realize that I am actually on that train.
It was dark so I didn't see a whole lot and all the people on the train were either asleep or trying to sleep.
So it was really quite. Until around 3:30 4:00 when we picked up a new batch of people this load was quite interesting there was a elderly gentlemen in particular that I was the most amused by. He was loud everything he did was loud his cough the way he talked was hilarious he was hard of hearing so whenever he spoke he would yell! And I mean yell! He was cracking me up.
We loved visiting with them and jasper and azure were always together! Jasper loved his cousins and when it was time to go he kept giving them kisses. We did tons of fun things and we loved there big yard and trampoline :) and there dog Annie jasper still talks about her. So fun can't wait to go back ! The train ride on the way back was from 7:05 to 3:05 it was better we met this really nice lady going to Chicago with her husband so nice. We will be going back to see them soon!