Sunday, January 6, 2013

A new year!

Where did 2012 go??? Well it's gone and now everything starts new right?
Well I haven't made any goals I have felt a little lost in the 2013 year.
Just trying to figure things out my life what I want to happen in 2013 and how much our little guy had grown in just one year. I'm not gona lie a tad depressing but I need to focus on all the good!
2012 was a great year lets reflect a little shall we?
Paul got a new job yay!!! And he loves it.
Jasper started swimming lessons :) mainly to get mom out of the house.
We bought a new to us car:)
Arts festival.
Found out we are adding a little gal to our little Fam:)
We got to go hiking as a family I would call that a vacation:)
And Jasper and I took our first train ride to go see my sister in winnemucca.
Lots of good things I'm just focusing on the good. Because there were some trials and heart aches this last year as well.
Well here's to a new and happy year ahead of us!
Im excited to see what's in store and happy that I have such a great and talented family.
I love each and everyone of them.