Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Utes Game! And soccer?

I got to go to my very first Utes game with my sweet father in law.
It was so much fun I thought I would end up walking around and I wouldnt be able to sit threw the whole thing but that was certainly not the case!
I was standing up and cheering and high fiveing everyone in sight.
It was so exciting the environment of a football game is so unreal.
And I really got to talk and get to know my father in law and I felt like we got a lot closer.
And hopefully I will get invited to another game.

I love fall because that is soccer season, I missed playing so I signed up to be on a summer/fall league.
Well our first practice was yesterday and I thought it was a lot of fun but realized I was seriously out of shape!
I do realize I am 3 months pregnant but I really wanted to do something to keep me going.
I can't wait for our little J to start playing sports I really enjoy watching the little ones play.
I got to go to a few softball games for my super cute niece she looked adorable in her little uniform and I enjoyed going.
So did little J he would run around and eat candy.
But I'm just excited to be a soccer mom and excited to see what this next babe is. :)
Paul is so funny he got these apps on his phone and they are hilarious. I will post some pics:)