Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cute video

Sneaky Jasper! 11 months!

Today, I was talking to my sister Jessica on the phone. I left the front room for only a second and I come back and Jasper is nowhere to be seen!!!!! I call for him nothing then I hear him and his little squeaks. He was under my little coffee table just as happy as can be I don't even know how he fit under there but I was sure glad I found him he is getting sneaky!Tooooo Sneaky!
Hes not quite walking yet Just to Person to person and around the walls but he is so close! I cant believe hes almost 1! I need some Ideas for his first Birthday!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Jasper and I are on a mini vacation in Idaho visiting my mom Its been a Really good Vaction I have had so much love and support here with my family. I am starting to feel so Happy and so grateful For all I have. I have had a rough feeling in December, I am happy that I could come and stay with my mom.
 I have been on tons of Runs and lots of soul searching.
I was watched this Oprah, and it was about excepting yourself for who you are.
And loving you and they had this lady take off all her makeup for a week.
Well I tried it lol and I really think it helped I know it sounds silly. But I tend to where alot of makeup and It made me feel so much better.
My little brother kept asking me if I was alright and asking if I needed more beauty sleep! hes such a little poop! lol got to love him!
 I cant believe Paul and I have been married for almost 5 years in July I was starting to feel the 5 year itch I think because I needed a little break.
I really am so thankful for my little family especially my husband we have really been threw alot together.
And he really is my best friend he always makes me laugh even when Im really not in the Mood  (mushy Alert)I cant wait to get home and put my harms around him and give him a big smooch!lol :)I LOVE HIM!!!!
 I am having phone withdrawals also I don't have service here and my phone is dead without the charger. Although it has been really nice not having it for a week but I miss talking to my SIL I love you Meesh! Cant wait to start on my quilt!
JASPER HAS STARTED WALKING well kinda Just from person to person he is getting so big! and hes such a talker heres a video. hope it works
Jasper Loves it here too so many new things and new people at first he was such a mommas boy then after awile he started warming up he loves it here.