Friday, August 14, 2009

Our NEw Truck!

This is our New addition to the family we got our"01" GMC 2500 Extended cab, Yesterday well we looked at it on Tuesday and we bought it on Friday.
Paul found it on KSL and so we met the lady in Erda and went from there when we first saw it I was like Paul you should get it!
It was such a good deal if i told you the deal we got it for you wouldn't believe us but it was pretty darn good and its in really good condition for a 2001.
I'm so excited and so is Paul just look at him in this picture lol he's never had a big huge truck like this its so awesome we are blessed to have got it and found the right one:)

I was going to have Paul park his red Truck by it so i could take a picture on the different sizes but i did i should though. but here she is:)
I have Just realized i haven't posted anything in a while also sorry I've been busy training for the marathon coming up :/ I'm a little Nervous i must say its in September its on the 19th in Logan...