Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Relief society calling...

Well it's official I am a relief society teacher and I must say the first time teaching last Sunday was a little scary!
But it was a great lesson that pretty much taught itself it was about staying on the lords side of the line.
It was great because I think I needed the lesson more then anyone.
I thought it was crazy that the blessings you receive here on this earth, are blessing that Heavenly Father already knew you would get before the earth was made.
And you just have to stay on the lords side and you will receive these blessings AWESOME!!!
Anyway I have had so much fun with the ladies in my ward and I am so blessed to have then in my life.
I also have been crafting a lot but not finishing the projects.
So today I might get to finish some and post some pics.
Jasper poor little fella fell off the couch and put his tooth threw his lip it was so sad luckily it didn't go threw the other side just left a huge hole in it.
And it is begging to heal so he doesn't have a fat lip and drilling uncontrollably ..
He is so sweet I love my little guy I can't believe we are having another one in march!
It just its unreal we are finding out the gender tomorrow so exciting:) I've got to start sewing up some stuff!
It feels like this blog is becoming more of a journal more then anything it feels good just to get it out:)