Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall Please!

Well I have about had it with summer it is hot and I dont like the smell of it! And having the super powers I have now Its just not working out!
 (By super powers I mean everything that comes with being with child hehe)
 I just cant wait for Fall I cant wait for the cool fresh crisp air , Football and the beautiful leaves and pumpkin spice candles.
 Awe I love fall with all my heart I love Halloween and Haunted houses and not to mention my birthday! I have the perfect idea for Jaspers costume this year he is growing so fast I know I always say that but I really feel like its true:(
But it is a good thing he is at the climbing stage where he climbs on everything and he is talking so much just words come out of his mouth and its crazy because yesterday he couldn't say it but today he sure can.
I think the cutest thing he does now is when we all sit down to eat he starts saying the prayer all I get out of it is heavenly father... and then the rest is in his own language and he folds his arms and closes his cute little eyes.
I am so happy that we have prayer in our lives I feel so much better after every prayer I say, especially when it is with my family.
It just makes me feel closer to my heavenly father and my family.
We have been going threw a lot of changes and Some are awesome and some just are ok.
 I feel like I am in a pretty good spot right now, but by all means I am not a perfect person and I slip a lot but you just have to get right back up because life is to short.
Just always try to improve yourself and keep moving forward there is no use in going back.
I need to start eating healthier and making more meals I struggle with being around food right now but that is no excuse! I am just going to have to buck up and make healthier meals for my family.
Wow I am going on a little tangent.
Well Life is Good and that is all that matters.