Monday, June 15, 2009

How We Met.

OK so Michelle Tagged me so here it is Me and Paul Met in high school i was actually dating his friend and he had asked if i knew his friend Paul Jensen i went over his name in head and said his name does sound familiar but when i saw him i hadn't seen him before. But i Just knew there was something about him needless to say Paul's Friend was really a waste of my time so i started getting to know Paul better So we Talked he sat in front of me in history and i would copy of his tests so he was the smart one for sure and he was really easy to talk to.
But when school got out for the summer we just said our good byes and i though that was going to be the end of it with us So this was my junior year in high school when i first saw him and met him so that summer It was in June 17 i went to the bowling ally with a couple of my Friends I know the date because it's JaNae's Birthday and we were running around the bowling ally all crazy and i spotted Paul playing Pack man cute huh.
So i casually bumped into him and i told him to call me i was probably putting it on pretty strong but a few days later he called and then he came out and we went on this hike to the cave on the pass and we didn't bring our flashlights now that's a different story. But we've been together ever since:) Ok so i Tag... Jessica sagers, Shaunna Ludlow,LindaAnn Adams.