Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Knotty chair

I started sewing these chairs because I thought it was a brilliant idea, The knotty chair is a portable high chair I love it heres why!
It folds up nicely so I can just keep it in my diaper bag.
I dont have to worry when there are no high chairs in sight.
No worries, Jasper is at the stage were he falls a lot! He is climbing on and off chairs so Im not worried about him falling off the chairs anymore.
I can just throw it in the washer!
It is comfortable and snug:)

Its easy to use Just loop straps around the chair and threw the front flap and tie a little knot to keep them snug:)
here are some Pictures and I am selling them if you are interested let me know:)

Monday, June 25, 2012

ARTS Festival

The Arts festival was so much fun this year I got to be with My favorite person the whole time and I met a bunch of New people.
This year we had a booth full of fun sewing stuff , I am the seamstress and Michelle is the quilter So we had beautiful quilts and cute little dressed and baby shoes.

And I made tons off Cloth High chairs So if anyone is interested just shoot me a Email At When I get the pics off my camera I will post them, they are adorable and handy.
And the great news is that we are doing it next year and hopefully in the same spot we had a great spot this year it was by everything and we could hear the music really well and get to the food fast:).

I left my little guy with his dad all weekend and they got some serious bonding in Im glad because he was starting to be a serious mammas boy. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Deseret Lake

We went hiking it was so much fun and so nice to get out with my little Perfect Family:)
 This hike was just the right length it took us about a hour and a half to get to the lake and we passed alot of hikers so we were cruzin.
And all of the hikers we passed had never been to the lake so, I was begging to ponder if there really was one or not... finally we made it and there was tons of water the whole trail so it was nice to stop and cool off a little bit. Jasper absolutely loved every minute of it. He would grab the leaves as dad passed the trees and on the way back he fell asleep. It was a cute little lake I wanted to just jump in but it was FREEZING so I just waked in it. What a great Hike though!
Cant wait to go on our other adventures with our new car:)