Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tuesday shark feeding day!

So we finally went to the sandy aquarium:)
I have always wanted to go and check it out and I must say I was pretty impressed.
For a aquarium in Utah it was really awesome! They had tons of animals.

I mean when we drove up to it I was a little let down because of the outward appearance because it looked like it could have been a K mart before. But once ya get in it's a pretty nice facility.
We got to pet sharks and sting rays and starfish and we saw cute penguins and river otters.
And both Jasper and I faced our fears Jasper's a giant spider and mine a giant anaconda that you would only see on the movies! And then there was the huge octopus now that was cool:)
And I got to see a hue sea turtle just swimming around it was awesome! I freaking love turtles I have tried to get Paul to let us get one numerous times.
He says they stink and would rather get a lizard and I'm not a fan of lizards so it's a good thing we can't settle on one.
After the aquarium went to the Olive Garden for lunch yum!
Kira was so easy to take out with us she ate three times and slept threw most of it.
Then we visited Paul's brother Des and his uncle.
Then Hit babies R us to spend a gift card on diapers : / I wanted to get a bouncing chair for Kira but Paul convinced me to get diapers instead against my better judgement!
Diapers are good to have on hand and we are stocked up for sure!
Then we hit some stores around there and I was pooped what a long fun day with my perfect little family!