Thursday, August 5, 2010

There Is A Bun In my oven!

I Thought I would Update my blog with no pictures but its been a while
Paul and I found out i was preggers we are super excited but I have to be honest I'm Not feeling that Great Just sick all the time is all. I Think its a good thing ... I think Just thinking positive really any ways I am Due on Valentines Day All of this was kinda a big surprise I found out I was Pregnant at seven weeks So I I'm at 12 weeks But I'm Excited!! I found out the week before fathers day and thought i would do something cute but i couldn't keep it a secret I'm bad at that then i told my mom and she just laughed and thought i was kidding i was like you will see! So here we are working on our house well mostly Paul now so If you guys are good at electrical or sheet rocking or your husbands we need your help!! :) Serious!!! Alright Love you s