Saturday, November 8, 2008

House Hunting

You know house hunting isn't all its hipped up to be in a way, I feel like its the biggest test God has given my and Paul. Its really hard when you have fallin love with the house too and Paul's dad always tells us "Don't to fall in love with a house"!

Well while were on the subject me and Paul feel in love with A house this passed week it was perfect it was right next to us like a couple houses down, it would have been a easy move.

It had a nice big garage/shop for Paul it had a craft room for me it even had a decent backyard and not to mention a big bathtub!

We have been house searching for a while and this was the best we've seen so far Then our lovely Realtor Called us and said there was five offers on the house and one of them was excepted We were To late! I know this might sound dramatic but Me and Paul were so mad and mostly sad Paul keeps telling me another one that's way better will come I'm sure hes telling himself that also, I have been so ornery lately also i know the devil is working hard on me and Paul Me lately.

We have been going back to church and I've been really excited about the whole thing We finally found our ward yee haw!