Monday, July 13, 2009

Rush Rodeo.

I Went to to the Rodeo With Dan, Sam And JaNea It was so Much Fun I love Just being with the Girls at the Rodeo.
JaNae did so good she got first in roping and second in poles, this was her first time to win a buckle from the Rushvalley Rodeo i was so proud of her!

These are some cute cowgirl pictures i took Pretty darn cute!

ok so some of these pictures are Not cow girl pictures but i love them!

Dan And Sam Were so cute!

I got This in the Mail Today!

Here is my Second Place Ribbon from The Fourth of July Race I'm Pretty Darn Proud Of it!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun 4th!

I ran The Tooele 5 K with Michelle then i watched Catly Dance she's such a cutie~:) Then i went to my Grandmas in honey ville and ate all her cherry's lol ok not all of them but pretty darn close! Then we came back and had some fire work fun with Paul's Mom and dad.

Jess And Paul Sharing Cherry's Aw sweet!