Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thankgiving = Love

I loved thanksgiving i think its really nice to be with your family and just feel loved!I Absolutely Love My family through thick and thin they will always be a Part of me and my little family that me and Paul have Created. I wish my computer wasn't acting up or else i would have some pretty cool pictures! but darn my pictures are still on my camera o well! This thanksgiving i would say was pretty important my brother Josh who has never met Jasper before was going to be there!
I was so excited to see my family and everyone we woke up at 5 in the morning and started our little journey and what a journey it was! three hours later we were getting close to the ranch i just forgot which mile marker it was that we should turn on the dirt road.
oh my i was stressing out and feeling a cold sore coming on! Paul was getting inpatient with me as well I tried and tried to remember and with no cell phone service It looked very gloom, when finally I said a quick prayer that i would remember and a memory popped in my head of when we were all with Allen and he had drove up this gravel pile with his explorer as we were driving I saw it i saw that gravel pile what a relief!
So we drove up the winding dirt road and met up with my family unfortunately a lot of the family wasn't there but it was still fun. Josh and Jasper didn't hit it off right away Josh wanted to hold Jasper and of course Jasper was a little frightened I took some funny pictures Josh has this big Beard and these Crazy hazel Eyes he looks like a mighty Hunter! He shot a Couple Cyotes up there too! And Josh is a pretty good Cook he Brought a Goose for dinner one that he had shot i had never tasted a Goose before I tell ya it was Pretty tasty!
                                       THINGS I AM GRATEFUL FOR:
I Love my family especially my mom she is the most selfless person I have ever met and she is so wise she is ALWAYS there for me helps me realize that i am only human and I can make mistakes. And I love that I have such a big family I love all of my sisters every one especially My SIL.  I am so thankful for my family my home and our Truck.
I am so grateful for my My religion it gives me such peace and happieness I am so blessed that I can Go to church each sunday and learn more of the gospel and be with so many people that have so much love for our savior. I really cant explane how peaceful I feel and happy. I am grateful For Love.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

9 Months is Different!

Jasper is 9 months!
He is so grown up he babbles a conversation with me like, I know exactly what he is talking about.  He crawls and he now expresses his anger in a very loud way! I think this age is really fun and difficult at the same time.  More fun he is starting to get a strong personality he absolutely loves Bruce(or truce as jasper says) our Dog  he crawls around the house chasing him Bruce starts it most of the time because he loves Jasper. I am really starting to realize how much I Love this  boy he is so sweet and loves to cuddle and laugh he sings and loves to dance when ever there is music.  I had to take him into the doctors a few days ago he had the beggings of a 2 ear infections. So its been tough because he hasn't been himself lately but we got him some meds and you can tell hes feeling a little better.   I am really so blessed to have such a wonderful family Paul's own business has picked up he works A LOT so he is gone most of the week he loves to weld and he is very talented. I am so blessed to know he is mine lol I love him so much and he provides for our family so i can stay home and watch our little one grow up.

Friday, November 11, 2011

1st Halloween update

 So I havent been on for awhile so im just going to catch up starting with Jaspers First  Halloween  he wanted to be Dronkey From Shreck well I wanted him to be because it was so darn cute.
It was so much fun Jasper Enjoyed eating all the candy and so did I!:) We went to friends and Families houses and we even did the main street trick or treating More candy Yay all of it was so fun i cant wait till next year when he will be walking and talking.

Looking at the horizon

                                                                        Lil Dronkey and Daddy
                                                His Little Back shot:)
                                                          mmmmmmm CAndy!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Time Flys!

Jasper is six months He sits up belly crawls to his toys and he doesn't have teeth yet but I just cant believe how fast he grows I love him so much we already have a night time routine down which is nice he goes to bed around 9:30 every night i read him stories and make him laugh his laugh is so darn Cute! especially when hes tired. :)
So Lately I have been thinking a lot about my everyday stuff I do now that I'm a stay at home Mama its crazy i have a lot of time on my hands and most of it is carrying Jasper around the house cleaning Laundry Dishes and it just repeats it gets pretty repetitive and i know Im not the only one that feels this way of course every stay at home moms feel the same way.

Well sometimes I get sick of cleaning and I take a Break and when that happens that's when people start just showing up at my house kinda crazy how it works out that way my house can be so clean when its just me and Paul but when people come over that's when its messy i don't know where I'm going with this really but just thought i needed to get this out there that my house is clean sometimes...

I have been doing some sewing Its pretty fun to see the finished project and then trying to improve it I don't have a Iron so I use my straight Iron for my hair for now i think its so brilliant because it gets both sides of the fabric. so I have sewn so far a 2 table Runners 2 Welding caps Ive done some free motion quilting and I just finished a little dress that was a litte big for my niece Azure but i thought it was pretty darn cute.

I Just think i am going to try to use my time a little bit wiser and set goals Here they are
#1 Read the Book of Mormon.
#2 Keep My house Clean lol
#3 Have Fun Life is Too short!

Monday, July 11, 2011

5 MoNtHs! And the Fourth of July!!

This was the 4th of July Parade in Tooele we ran the 5k with Pauls Dad, it was his 60th Birthday.
 He wanted to run a 5k for it so we did it and we finished it started a little late but that was alright it gave us time to warm up and it gave Pauls Dad some some to get rid of his jitters he was such a trooper.
 Des ran it with us also it was Fun because everyone knew Paul so they were all cheering him on and wishing him a happy Birthday.
                                               This was Before the race our race Faces!
Paul stayed With Donnet and Michelle and Jasper Im pretty sure Jasper enjoyed himself because when i got back he had a little sucker in his mouth! Daddy likes feeding him all sorts of good treats.
we have been swimimg alot thanks to michelle she just picks us up and off we go Jasper LOVES Swimming! Hes always so relaxed!
Jasper is Five Months He is getting so big! He always smiles even when hes crying he is so cute I cant believe he will be crawling pretty soon AHHH thats kind of scary we need to Baby Proofour House Get Tile and some moldings..... Should be alot of fun though:) Im excited!

Friday, April 29, 2011

My days at home!:)

I have a three month old!!! I can't believe it he's getting so big. I absolutely adore him he is my favorite person don't tell Paul loljust kidding :) lol today paul was giving him a bath and Jasper pooped i guess he thought no big deal now you don't have to Change my diaper hahaha oh good memories pooped right on his little bath tub. We have such great days together, I love staying home with little Jasper he is so much fun he has the cutest smile that just melts my heart! Gosh I am so blessed to have such a great family. I have been training for a half Marathon it has been awesome so far I love the runs it gives me a little free time and sweat time. Hopefully it will get me in great shape!:) When I have real Internet I will load some pictures of the family but I thought I should blog a little so Jasper can almost turn over and he coos and almost laughs I just can't believe how big he's getting!!! He still sleeps alot but I have time to clean my house! Oh yeah I finally got a sewing machine!!! I love it so does Paul he thinks it's like welding so he just takes over my projects but I don't mind:) I have a great sewing coach with lots of patients. I'm super excited to start on a quilt kinda scared but excited I'm not a big fan of un picking! But Michelle says the best quilters have to unpick. So I'm just going to have to get way better! I'm excited for all my projects I have in my head. But for now I have to focus on this half marathon!!! Wish me luck!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Jasper Paul Jensen

He Is Finally here !!!! Its been a while since i blogged Jasper Is already Four Weeks! Okay so here is how he got here we arrived at the hospital at 5:30 in the Morning on February 8 2011. We were So excited and nervous so I changed into a beautiful gown and was told to lay on the bed that is when it started to set in i was going to have my baby I was Finally going to Meet My little BOY!!! I think it scared me a little because I threw up but that's just what i do when i feel any emotion i guess LOL the nurses were laughing because they were like we haven't even started anything yet I just couldn't help but laugh myself. What was going to happen next I thought to myself so they started me on the pitocin and i started contracting I thought we were getting close so I got the epidural around noon and nothing was happening...
I thought he was going to come right after I got it but he just wasn't ready yet so i waited and waited and waited jeez I have never waited this long for anything and i didn't eat anything all day so I was getting a little on edge ! Finally it was Time To start Pushing around 7:00 so I started my Marathon of Pushing and he Came at 9:30 all 8 pounds 14 ounces of him and 21 inches long:) All my worries went away when i got to hold my beautiful little boy and heard his sweet little cry:) We couldn't believe he was here I loved it me and Paul we so happy and there was just this perfect moment were me and Paul were like wow just wow....:) Paul Has Been Such a great DAD I love saying that there has been some bumps on the road he had jaundice so we had to take him back to the hospital and we took the bed home with us poor little guy his foot got pricked 20 times no joke and he just was so tough threw the whole thing!

Friday, January 28, 2011


We went on a trip with Paul's Family to Moab and Monticello to watch Weston and Michelle Race it was a lot of fun It was my very first Trip with Paul's family boy was it fun i sure loved it!

After the Trip me and Michelle had the arts festival it was alot of fun and that is when me and Michelle got pretty close lets just say that.... Our Booth was the cutest booth at the arts festival i must say!

Me and Paul went to a Soccer game it was Fun but it was when i got prego and i was sooo Hot!

We found out I was Prego It was soo funny I actually took a test at work to prove my fellow workers wrong I was like there is no way well well well I actually was and now Hear we go :) I was so excited to tell Paul we were so scared and excited!

My Dear Aunt Passed away this was Really really really hard for us because we are so close to her she lost a battle with cancer but boy did she give it a good fight! she was a really awesome lady she would make me laugh so hard she was such a good dancer and her laugh was contagious she is greatly missed! Love you cindy!

New Post!

So Hear Are My New Year GOals! yay!!!!
My First one Is to get this Little guy out safely.
I want to call My Family More Just to keep Track of them :)
Do more service for those in need.
Get back in Shape.
Learn how to Quilt.
Weld my first Craft Idont know what it will be yet but im excited to learn.
Just Be a better person.