Thursday, October 11, 2012

Farewell soccer:(

Well I'm almost five months along so I had to tell my team see ya next year! I had so much fun playing it was great to get away and just play.
Luckily my last game we got to play my great friend Stacy's team so much fun! I almost got 2 goals! This last game yay!!! Almost though but it's been fun I just thought I should slow it down a bit.
I'm feeling so good and eating probably to much but I can still run and do everything I did before being pregnant.
Jasper is getting cuter and cuter every single day! He makes me laugh because he has this great personality! I love my little boy so much he's a lot of fun!
We got to go to Cately's softball game and we had a blast little J was even cheering for her she is the sweetest little girl! She must have got that from her mama:) and Alex is a sweetie too!
Well that's it for tonight.