Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So here we are mid February In Crystal hot springs main warm pool. Here is The gang Left to Right We have Mark, Clay Jeb, Ted, Amy , Shaunny Boy.
The beautiful Jessica is Taking the picture It was fun to get together with the Family we had a lot catching up to do.

I drove to Brigham and shaun drove me everywhere else here he is in my shades lol how Cute! And he drives so good in the snow.

This was the Pool after the Freezing Slide What a Rush ! Shaun clay Jess and my self all Paid the extra Four dollars to Freeze our butts off but it was well worth it! Just to see The Freezing faces of my Family as the Plunged into the freezing pool that awaited them at the end Of a Twisting and turning Tube of Funness! I love this Picture of Jessica.

Well Mark thought it would be a great idea to roll in the snow then jump in the hot tub. He said it felt really Wierd so me and shaun being up to trying new things. We went along with it here we are Doing Snow angels in the snow.

My uncle Ted came with us He's a lot of fun we spent some time playing sharks and Tag I'm so glad he came.