Monday, May 31, 2010


So Saturday we were invited to go to Miller Motor with Tj and Dan and the concert Kansas foreigner and Styx it was so much Fun i got to pose by a sweet monster truck I'm thinking about getting:)

We went to the DUCATI Tent i love saying Ducati so Fun And there Were Trick Bike Riders Oh my goodness they were cool!

This Was Paul's first Concert I'm glad we got to go it was outside and really nice.

I did get into a little fight with a drunk girl but other then that is was awesome Our favorite band was foreigner for sure they were the best! the lead singer was crazy dancing and climbing things!

We also got free thrill rides in the dodge cars it was so fun just spinning out with the drivers at first i was scared but when i got in the car it was Sweet i think that was my favorite the driver was sooo cool! OK maybe i had a little crush on him but so what you guys would too!

I know Paul did too lol Jk he was funny though he wanted to ride with my driver but i got him :) There was a Dodge Charger Challenger and a dodge Viper They had to change the tires so much it was crazy so we didn't get to ride in the viper I rode in the Charger and Paul Rode in the Challenger.

It Ended with Fire works I love Fire works!

It was the most fun I've had in a long time!Thanks Dan and Teeg!

What a Awesome weekend!

This Memorial weekend has been so Fun Friday i went to work and then came home and got ready to go shopping with Michelle See we entered the Tooele Arts Festival and WE MADE IT IN! So now we have our work cut out for us we have been getting wood from the dump and making these really fun shelves they are so awesome and so much fun to make.

I have never used any wood tools before like the jig saw, the table saw, a router a Nail Gun, After Nailing the wood to the table and wasting a couple pieces of wood i think i got the hang of it. I love it its amazing all the different things you can do with one piece of wood.

Ok back to my weekend so we went to the metal store and got some flowers and stars to put on our shelves then to the vinyl store to get some vinyl we made a stop at the counter and flooring because after all i am trying to makeover our home.

So we got home and decided that we'd Knocked out a wall so Weston's shop was just down the road so we walked and got a sledge hammer.

Paul wasn't home and we just started hammering away it was fun i think i had some inner aggression because I just enjoyed myself a little to much the destruction you can do with a big hammer! Me and Michelle got it half way down when Paul got home a little surprised of our efforts he decided to join in i think half worried about our safety.

So the next day it was a little weird to look out my bedroom door and see my front door but i think its going to look great Thank you Michelle for the Help and support :) Here are some Pics!