Friday, March 26, 2010

Feeling Good!

I Just wanted to sorta update my blog and Just Say that We are so so so Happy with our lifes and Excited to do New things.

I am Running the Salt lake Marathon with my Awesome Sister Michelle We have gotten so much closer on our long Runs even if it means looking out for cars when ya got to Pee lol! I have her tell me a story when i'm gettin tired.
I got new shoes too there awesome! They are mizunos!
Paul is loving his buisness and building all these new awesome things like he just made a pot Rack he's so creative it looked just like this one.

He just loves Creating things and he's good at it!
I might be getting a new job which is exciting because i will make more so i can continue my education i love physical therapy. Its crazy that i was brave enough to get a dirt bike after seeing all that i have seen working there, Leg breaks and everything the physical therapist was making bets on when i was going to break my coller bone.

I know alot of people that have on there dirt bikes which is crazy "not naming any names" but i think it just makes me be more careful and aware of my surroundings.

Michelle keeps me a little FEARLESS though we went to five mile pass and she had me climbing all these big hills that i would never climb She's such a great coach she always says "are you driving it like a car or like a bike" lol.

We rode all day though and its surprising how sore you get I feel like i Need to Prep my body more I couldn't even sit up out of bed the next day but i had too because we Ran our 17 miles!My body is really getting beat up though i have bruises every where and i mean every where but it is all worth it when you can go on these awesome rides and see all kinds of scenic things.

Its also fun to see the different techniques the way people ride we went out to Rush valley and rode on the Erickson's track which was a little crazy but way fun it was cool to see all the Rush valley crew again also i only crashed once in the but at five mile it was a little different Yeah good times! Paul Is a Expert i swear i never see him screw up He is Awesome I love riding with him he's so encouraging And such a good Riding partner I hope he starts racing so i can cheer him on :)