Monday, April 30, 2012

Trip to grandmas..:)

So I got to watch my little brother and sister this last weekend, it was a blast.
I think I spoiled them rotten and made some great memories.
Jasper loves it he just walks around the house like he owns it.
His knew super cute word it "hu oh!"
He says it when he drops things or his shoe falls off.
We went to the park and I can't believe how much he loves the slide he doesn't like the swing just the really steep scary slides! I think we have a dare devil on our hands...
And he's soooo sociable he just walks up to everyone and anyone and says HI! And he shares whatever he is holding at the time.
And I am finding that it is hard to keep up with him when ever he sees me he just takes off running, laughing the whole way.
One of the things we did while the parents were gone was I had Ben buy these 2 cute little ducks at cal ranch. Ben said that his dad was going to kill him but I told him that they were just to cute and that his dad would fall in love with them!
Well he didn't but my mom sure did she took pictures of them out in the small creek in here front yard.
Rebekah and I had some adventures also;) I might or might not have let her drive a little...
I also got to shoot some guns man I love shooting it's the best stress reliever! It felt great!
It was a great time ad I miss them hopefully we will go back and visit during the summer.

Here are some pictures it was my dads birthday on Friday so I sent him a picture.