Friday, March 15, 2013

Jasper 2

I thought I would blog about fun things jasper does at this age.
In the morning he wakes me up with a HI mommy!
He loves to sing.
He loved playing with his Legos and he is very good at building things already;)
he likes to dance.
Favorite TV show Daniel tigers loves it EVeRYtime it comes on he is glued!
Favorite food: pizza and apples.
Things I love to hear him say.
"Baby sisser"
"There you are!"
"Come on come on mom."
Today he told his cousin Jeb "I like your hat!"
He told Paul the other night before bed."PAUL want to say blessing" lol family prayer:)
He calls his dad Paul.
He calls his grandma and grandpa both grandpa.
He loved baths and playing outside.
He has the best personality and I love him so much I couldn't imagine life without this cute little guy:)