Saturday, October 20, 2012

So domesticated....

My neighbor had a lot of purple grapes just sitting there.
so me and Olya decided to ask him if we could pick some.
His reply was pretty much please do so we did it was so much fun, the grapes were so yummy. Jasper and Emma were just gobbling them right up . I love canned fresh grape juice so we knew we what we were going to do with all the yummy grapes.
Then our good friend Sandra had a butt load lol of green grapes so many so we had a play date and picked those as well.
I never thought I would have so much fun Canning but I just got right in there. And kinda took over whoops!
Thank goodness Olya didn't mind I am excited to plant a garden next year and can some stuff!
Here is a pic of my cute little juices all canned:) sitting on a super cute table runner that my super talented sister in law made for me:) and my little helper in his diap.