Friday, March 6, 2009

Fun And Crazy!

OK well i took a lot of pictures of the double date to the Jazz game we went with Danielle and Tj They are so silly together.
we made Our own shirts Before we went and we got dogs and a coke at the game. It was so much Fun we were dancing at yelling at the players lol even though we were at the very top of the arena I'm pretty sure Kyle Kover heard Dan as she yelled How she felt about him! Wow that girl can yell! We went on weds and Tj drove it was nice until the next day when i went to my Car to see that all the compartments were opened and things just thrown around someone had Broke into my Car They took my wallet i had everything in it! They broke into my neighbors Truck but didn't steal a thing And he even had his Truck keys in it! Jeez I was a Little miffed!Why ME! but its ok i needed to get some new cards and things anyway.