Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Our house is coming along great i was stressing out really bad because our little guy is coming soon! Notice how i say little guy we haven't decided on a name yet but we will have one before he gets here. Well i hope so:)
So this Weekend Weston and Michelle decided they were going to come and help us with our house I really cant thank them enough they are really the best me and Paul are so so so lucky to have them in our lives and we are so blessed that they live so close to us.

I keep talking to Paul about them and how we will ever repay them for all they do for us.

Michelle if you are reading this you truly are a good friend and most of all a great sister. You have taught me so much since i have been in this family. You took me under your wing and you are the hardest working woman I have ever met and i know when we start something together we are going to get it done and we always have fun doing it Like the Marathon and the Arts Festival those were some good times i know we will have lots more to come .
I love that you are so creative and how you teach me all your new hobbies even though i know its tough to teach me sometimes you are so positive and patient .
I really look up to you thank you for all you do with me. I sure have a lot of fun with you and I couldn't have asked for a better sister in law.:)