Friday, February 27, 2009

The Day With The Kelley Clan!

Shaun And Jessica Came Down to see me. Paul also Came with me I'm so glad i have a very supportive husband and Family I don't know what i would do with out them most of all Paul he's so patient with me and i know he loves me unconditionally through the heavy stuff and the light I Just love him so much , It Was so nice to see Jess And Shaun I Really appreciated the support to. I got The rest of the Day off so I could Hang out with them but Paul had to go back to work. So we went up settlement canyon And Took some Pictures Just for Fun we did all these fun poses in these two we left the camera on this Cement ledge They turned out pretty Cute!We found some props on our journey through the woods this is Shaun Modeling with the props we found them pretty comical

I love this picture because i love Jessica's model Pose I'm using it for her portfolio.

Last but not least Shaun was jumping over stuff so i decided to take a video in stead of a picture i am counting him down or up and I am so loud so just ignore me.