Saturday, March 17, 2012

Zoo day

Yesterday me and jasp went to the zoo with my friend Kalena.
It was so much fun jasper loved all the animals and he called them all kitty's.
Silly kid and he loved the giraffes and the big kitty's the tigers.
It was nice to get out and walk around outside in the nice weather.
Loved everything about it :)
Next time we will have to bring daddy I love the zoo.
Me and Paul cut Jasper's hair before we went it was quick but it actually looks really good we are a good team:)
He looks so grown up now:(
but it needed to be done he had a mullet going on.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ok here I go!

I have been sewing somethings to sale at the arts festival.
And I'm getting really excited and hopeful that my things will sale so here's what I've been making.
I found this cloth high chair on pinterest it was awesome! It can fit on any chair and they will stay.
So I made one that could tie instead of Velcro. Then I made a crib naw protector.
Because Jasper has been beavering threw his crib I used the same material because I had tons of it and i used elastic and buttons to hold it together. And some baby hats.
I'm excited about all my stuff and I am having so much fun making them all:)