Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thankgiving = Love

I loved thanksgiving i think its really nice to be with your family and just feel loved!I Absolutely Love My family through thick and thin they will always be a Part of me and my little family that me and Paul have Created. I wish my computer wasn't acting up or else i would have some pretty cool pictures! but darn my pictures are still on my camera o well! This thanksgiving i would say was pretty important my brother Josh who has never met Jasper before was going to be there!
I was so excited to see my family and everyone we woke up at 5 in the morning and started our little journey and what a journey it was! three hours later we were getting close to the ranch i just forgot which mile marker it was that we should turn on the dirt road.
oh my i was stressing out and feeling a cold sore coming on! Paul was getting inpatient with me as well I tried and tried to remember and with no cell phone service It looked very gloom, when finally I said a quick prayer that i would remember and a memory popped in my head of when we were all with Allen and he had drove up this gravel pile with his explorer as we were driving I saw it i saw that gravel pile what a relief!
So we drove up the winding dirt road and met up with my family unfortunately a lot of the family wasn't there but it was still fun. Josh and Jasper didn't hit it off right away Josh wanted to hold Jasper and of course Jasper was a little frightened I took some funny pictures Josh has this big Beard and these Crazy hazel Eyes he looks like a mighty Hunter! He shot a Couple Cyotes up there too! And Josh is a pretty good Cook he Brought a Goose for dinner one that he had shot i had never tasted a Goose before I tell ya it was Pretty tasty!
                                       THINGS I AM GRATEFUL FOR:
I Love my family especially my mom she is the most selfless person I have ever met and she is so wise she is ALWAYS there for me helps me realize that i am only human and I can make mistakes. And I love that I have such a big family I love all of my sisters every one especially My SIL.  I am so thankful for my family my home and our Truck.
I am so grateful for my My religion it gives me such peace and happieness I am so blessed that I can Go to church each sunday and learn more of the gospel and be with so many people that have so much love for our savior. I really cant explane how peaceful I feel and happy. I am grateful For Love.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

9 Months is Different!

Jasper is 9 months!
He is so grown up he babbles a conversation with me like, I know exactly what he is talking about.  He crawls and he now expresses his anger in a very loud way! I think this age is really fun and difficult at the same time.  More fun he is starting to get a strong personality he absolutely loves Bruce(or truce as jasper says) our Dog  he crawls around the house chasing him Bruce starts it most of the time because he loves Jasper. I am really starting to realize how much I Love this  boy he is so sweet and loves to cuddle and laugh he sings and loves to dance when ever there is music.  I had to take him into the doctors a few days ago he had the beggings of a 2 ear infections. So its been tough because he hasn't been himself lately but we got him some meds and you can tell hes feeling a little better.   I am really so blessed to have such a wonderful family Paul's own business has picked up he works A LOT so he is gone most of the week he loves to weld and he is very talented. I am so blessed to know he is mine lol I love him so much and he provides for our family so i can stay home and watch our little one grow up.

Friday, November 11, 2011

1st Halloween update

 So I havent been on for awhile so im just going to catch up starting with Jaspers First  Halloween  he wanted to be Dronkey From Shreck well I wanted him to be because it was so darn cute.
It was so much fun Jasper Enjoyed eating all the candy and so did I!:) We went to friends and Families houses and we even did the main street trick or treating More candy Yay all of it was so fun i cant wait till next year when he will be walking and talking.

Looking at the horizon

                                                                        Lil Dronkey and Daddy
                                                His Little Back shot:)
                                                          mmmmmmm CAndy!