Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jasper Walking Adventures.

       I post a lot about Jasper because He Really is my whole entire Life! And I am really not just saying that its almost crazy to think i am with him every single day and sometimes I feel like I dont spend enough time With him he is growing so fast! He is now walking all over the house.
Jasper's favorite room... the bathroom I catch him in there all the time sticking things in the toilet I dont know why he has such a obsession but he does.
And he is so quick sometimes I leave him only for a minute and come back to to find him in the bathroom already in the toilet I have got to remember to shut the bathroom door!
He is a new kind of cute now that he is walking and exploring everything from his new height, I love watching him walk around it makes me giggle to see really how hard it looks.
He looses his balance occasionally and gets angry but then gets right back up.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jasper's 1st birthday!!!!:)

Jasper's birthday was a huge success:) I was a little stressed last night but it came together so nicely!
Thank you family for coming and having so much fun with us.
Jasper loved all of his presents he got he got a new cat!
He loves saying kitty kitty kitty. So cute.
Jasper got to play with one of his buddies warren I was so happy to see them! I tried to get some pics of them playing together.