Thursday, May 16, 2013


Well I haven't posted in quite awhile we got Kira blessed a couple Sundays ago and can I just say both Paul and I have the most supportive families! They are so sweet! Paul was able to stand in the circle:) and I got to sew her dress:) 
And my grandparents came I loved listening to my grandpas testimony he has gone threw so much and his testimony is so strong. And my mother bore hers as well she is such a sweet lady. I felt the spirit so strong. 
I am so happy that I have the gospel in my life it just makes things so much happier! 
I have been busy with the 2 kiddos and Paul has quite his job to pursue his own business.
 I haven't seen him this happy to go to work in well forever.
And he is so happy when he gets home. 
I have been sewing for the arts festival lots of super fun stuff I'm really excited mostly kid stuff and dresses. 
It's hard to find time to sew but I try to squeeze her in whenever I get a chance jasper is growing so fast and I have found that I have to watch him a little more closely he tends to get into trouble when I don't, must be a 2 yr old thing in fact while writing this I found myself prying a Cheerio out of my little Kira's mouth because he wanted to share. So I better get going because who knows what's next!