Friday, March 8, 2013

Love my Fam!

So I have been sooo tired lately! But I can honestly say that being so tired is a blessing sometimes.
I don't have the energy to care about the little things like yelling at Jasper or getting mad at Paul for little things not like I do it a lot but it just feels like everything is chill and not a big deal!
And when I'm really tired I don't blush as often as I used to I love that because I hate feeling my face turn bright red for no reason!
My lack of sleep lately is mainly because my little gal is on nights and so is Paul and jasper sleeps in with me when Paul's on nights, And he tends to want to sleep sideways!
But it's crazy to think I have 2 kids now it just feels like our family is complete not thinking of more kids just yet.
Jasper is doing so much better that first week was super hard on me because I was worried about him and he was acting out. And I cried a lot!
But now he's found his place in our little family and it's just so much more peaceful!
Kira is growing fast it seems and jasper just wants to play with her mostly give her tons and tons of kisses! Long kisses too! I have to break it up sometimes!
Jasper is talking a lot! And he is a little bossy at times I feel like he is a reflection of me so I am trying to be les bossy.
A bad thing about being so tired is that my house Isn't as clean as I would like it to be and I want to start sewing but I have no drive!
And my laundry is clean just not folded and put away as it should be. But anywho that's my life right now pretty great I must say! I love my family especially my husband I don't know where I'd be without him making me laugh everyday.
And just him being so positive! Love you Paul!
Yesterday day I let jasper finger paint and I just put him in his diap he loved it so much he didn't want to put clothes on all day! Lol