Monday, December 13, 2010

I am Getting so excited!

It feels like everything is looking up I am way excited to meet our little boy we have a name we are trying to keep it a secret but everyone knows I'm not good at that.

He is such a mover lately i can see my belly moving and i love it i bet its getting really crowded in there. I have been growing also I cant believe how big your tummy can grow its unbelievable it just keeps growing!

I am Super excited about getting another nephew that is so fun all of us sisters are starting out with boys so far which i think is great that way we can pass around some clothes I hope we get another ultrasound I just want to see him again just to see if hes changed at all.

We are doing his room in U of U stuff I am excited to start painting and getting everything set up for him we are just waiting for the dry wall to be finished first.
I have Learned to be so patient this year I think I have grew so much because i don't even know myself anymore a year ago i would be freaking out now I'm just so layed back its weird i bet Paul is loving it lol OK well i am just blabbing a little so when i get more pictures i will put them up :)

Dry Wall :)

The Dry Wall is up now they just have to tape and mud i feel like our house is changing so much from when we first got it i like the way it is looking.
Here are some Pictures i will but up some more when i have some!!

This is the pantry Paul made for me!

This is the arch way Weston Made for us he is so talented!