Thursday, November 20, 2008

Deer Meat!

My mom invited me to go to her house ,to bottle some deer meat with her. Little did i know it was going to be so much fun. Okay so try to picture this you will probably laugh. When i got there there was a gutted and skinned deer on the kitchen counter. No Bambi this one was a 5 by 6 Buck Key word "Was". It was a whole lot of deer!

Along came Dave with some sort of a electrical saw He starts her up and begins cutting it up into smaller Pieces a little Red neck this i am aware of but it works like a charm.

Carrie and Marty and Jill and Nadia arrived Shortly after i did and You should have seen There Faces when they Saw Dave's Method of getting the Job started it was priceless but they all came to the conclusion that it was very effective.
So then it was our turn we had to cut the freshly "sawed"meat into tiny cubes.Then when we got a lot of cubes we popped them into the oven to brown the meat.With some of the meat we put it into a meat grinder and made hamburger that was Fun my arms got tired From pushing the meat down me and Nadia took turns. When it got quite Carrie would burst into song and everyone would sing along. All in all we had a lot of food storage when we left And a great bonding experience.

Here's a list of Things you Need to bottle Deer!
1. A deer.
2. A red neck with a saw
3. Eight willing people that don't mind getting there hands dirty.
4. A meat grinder and someone who knows how to run it.
5. Family togetherness
Here's a movie of everyone singing as they worked.

Good ol country Deer