Monday, December 13, 2010

I am Getting so excited!

It feels like everything is looking up I am way excited to meet our little boy we have a name we are trying to keep it a secret but everyone knows I'm not good at that.

He is such a mover lately i can see my belly moving and i love it i bet its getting really crowded in there. I have been growing also I cant believe how big your tummy can grow its unbelievable it just keeps growing!

I am Super excited about getting another nephew that is so fun all of us sisters are starting out with boys so far which i think is great that way we can pass around some clothes I hope we get another ultrasound I just want to see him again just to see if hes changed at all.

We are doing his room in U of U stuff I am excited to start painting and getting everything set up for him we are just waiting for the dry wall to be finished first.
I have Learned to be so patient this year I think I have grew so much because i don't even know myself anymore a year ago i would be freaking out now I'm just so layed back its weird i bet Paul is loving it lol OK well i am just blabbing a little so when i get more pictures i will put them up :)

Dry Wall :)

The Dry Wall is up now they just have to tape and mud i feel like our house is changing so much from when we first got it i like the way it is looking.
Here are some Pictures i will but up some more when i have some!!

This is the pantry Paul made for me!

This is the arch way Weston Made for us he is so talented!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Our house is coming along great i was stressing out really bad because our little guy is coming soon! Notice how i say little guy we haven't decided on a name yet but we will have one before he gets here. Well i hope so:)
So this Weekend Weston and Michelle decided they were going to come and help us with our house I really cant thank them enough they are really the best me and Paul are so so so lucky to have them in our lives and we are so blessed that they live so close to us.

I keep talking to Paul about them and how we will ever repay them for all they do for us.

Michelle if you are reading this you truly are a good friend and most of all a great sister. You have taught me so much since i have been in this family. You took me under your wing and you are the hardest working woman I have ever met and i know when we start something together we are going to get it done and we always have fun doing it Like the Marathon and the Arts Festival those were some good times i know we will have lots more to come .
I love that you are so creative and how you teach me all your new hobbies even though i know its tough to teach me sometimes you are so positive and patient .
I really look up to you thank you for all you do with me. I sure have a lot of fun with you and I couldn't have asked for a better sister in law.:)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little Boy:)

We are so Excited it is a Boy Its Funny because Paul Thought it was going to be a girl so you should have seen his face when she said it was a boy!

We have some ideas on what we want his Room to look like and we have some names but its hard to find the right name he is going to be stuck with it his whole life i just hope we can find one that is just perfect.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

There Is A Bun In my oven!

I Thought I would Update my blog with no pictures but its been a while
Paul and I found out i was preggers we are super excited but I have to be honest I'm Not feeling that Great Just sick all the time is all. I Think its a good thing ... I think Just thinking positive really any ways I am Due on Valentines Day All of this was kinda a big surprise I found out I was Pregnant at seven weeks So I I'm at 12 weeks But I'm Excited!! I found out the week before fathers day and thought i would do something cute but i couldn't keep it a secret I'm bad at that then i told my mom and she just laughed and thought i was kidding i was like you will see! So here we are working on our house well mostly Paul now so If you guys are good at electrical or sheet rocking or your husbands we need your help!! :) Serious!!! Alright Love you s

Monday, May 31, 2010


So Saturday we were invited to go to Miller Motor with Tj and Dan and the concert Kansas foreigner and Styx it was so much Fun i got to pose by a sweet monster truck I'm thinking about getting:)

We went to the DUCATI Tent i love saying Ducati so Fun And there Were Trick Bike Riders Oh my goodness they were cool!

This Was Paul's first Concert I'm glad we got to go it was outside and really nice.

I did get into a little fight with a drunk girl but other then that is was awesome Our favorite band was foreigner for sure they were the best! the lead singer was crazy dancing and climbing things!

We also got free thrill rides in the dodge cars it was so fun just spinning out with the drivers at first i was scared but when i got in the car it was Sweet i think that was my favorite the driver was sooo cool! OK maybe i had a little crush on him but so what you guys would too!

I know Paul did too lol Jk he was funny though he wanted to ride with my driver but i got him :) There was a Dodge Charger Challenger and a dodge Viper They had to change the tires so much it was crazy so we didn't get to ride in the viper I rode in the Charger and Paul Rode in the Challenger.

It Ended with Fire works I love Fire works!

It was the most fun I've had in a long time!Thanks Dan and Teeg!

What a Awesome weekend!

This Memorial weekend has been so Fun Friday i went to work and then came home and got ready to go shopping with Michelle See we entered the Tooele Arts Festival and WE MADE IT IN! So now we have our work cut out for us we have been getting wood from the dump and making these really fun shelves they are so awesome and so much fun to make.

I have never used any wood tools before like the jig saw, the table saw, a router a Nail Gun, After Nailing the wood to the table and wasting a couple pieces of wood i think i got the hang of it. I love it its amazing all the different things you can do with one piece of wood.

Ok back to my weekend so we went to the metal store and got some flowers and stars to put on our shelves then to the vinyl store to get some vinyl we made a stop at the counter and flooring because after all i am trying to makeover our home.

So we got home and decided that we'd Knocked out a wall so Weston's shop was just down the road so we walked and got a sledge hammer.

Paul wasn't home and we just started hammering away it was fun i think i had some inner aggression because I just enjoyed myself a little to much the destruction you can do with a big hammer! Me and Michelle got it half way down when Paul got home a little surprised of our efforts he decided to join in i think half worried about our safety.

So the next day it was a little weird to look out my bedroom door and see my front door but i think its going to look great Thank you Michelle for the Help and support :) Here are some Pics!

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Wish List :)

Hear are the Things That I want And Day dream about Tagged By Michelle.
My Dream Car right now is a 2010 Mazda 3 .

stella tech 3.

This is more something i need but i would love it the matching washer and dryer set.

A scooter.

Nike old school tennys I love the old school look of these :)

And A monster Truck. :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Feeling Good!

I Just wanted to sorta update my blog and Just Say that We are so so so Happy with our lifes and Excited to do New things.

I am Running the Salt lake Marathon with my Awesome Sister Michelle We have gotten so much closer on our long Runs even if it means looking out for cars when ya got to Pee lol! I have her tell me a story when i'm gettin tired.
I got new shoes too there awesome! They are mizunos!
Paul is loving his buisness and building all these new awesome things like he just made a pot Rack he's so creative it looked just like this one.

He just loves Creating things and he's good at it!
I might be getting a new job which is exciting because i will make more so i can continue my education i love physical therapy. Its crazy that i was brave enough to get a dirt bike after seeing all that i have seen working there, Leg breaks and everything the physical therapist was making bets on when i was going to break my coller bone.

I know alot of people that have on there dirt bikes which is crazy "not naming any names" but i think it just makes me be more careful and aware of my surroundings.

Michelle keeps me a little FEARLESS though we went to five mile pass and she had me climbing all these big hills that i would never climb She's such a great coach she always says "are you driving it like a car or like a bike" lol.

We rode all day though and its surprising how sore you get I feel like i Need to Prep my body more I couldn't even sit up out of bed the next day but i had too because we Ran our 17 miles!My body is really getting beat up though i have bruises every where and i mean every where but it is all worth it when you can go on these awesome rides and see all kinds of scenic things.

Its also fun to see the different techniques the way people ride we went out to Rush valley and rode on the Erickson's track which was a little crazy but way fun it was cool to see all the Rush valley crew again also i only crashed once in the but at five mile it was a little different Yeah good times! Paul Is a Expert i swear i never see him screw up He is Awesome I love riding with him he's so encouraging And such a good Riding partner I hope he starts racing so i can cheer him on :)

Friday, February 19, 2010


We Went to get new bike because i want to spend more time with Paul and so we decided to get bikes. It was funny because we had the salesmen fighting and everything to get the lowest price on them and what they should throw in like helmets and tie downs.
So we got a free helmet for me and free tie downs so it was AWESOME I'm so excited to go Riding with Michelle and Weston well tomorrow Michelles Birthday Ride So we will see how it goes!
And then me and Paul are going riding together how Romantic best Valentines Present Ever! Pauls Bike is the 450 x and i got the honda 150.
I love it but i have to kick start it so i have to get used to that i brused my shin already and i only had it for not even a hour but i'm getting gear like knee pads and chest protector and boots its so cute Paul is so protective he's always like be careful but i'm the same way with him i want him to be careful too because he's got a big bike and it even has a head light wich was crazy but awesome!