Friday, December 12, 2008

We Are Jazzed up!

This Is Us Groovin Afterwards They kicked butt!

This Is a Pic of My Favorite Player I like to call him "D Will" Its not Great.
Paul Was so excited to be there you can tell by his Facial Expressions.

So me and Paul are big Jazz Fans and Paul like's The old School look shaunna i'm Pretty sure When the Jazz had that logo i was not intrested in them lol But We thought The Hats are Pretty Pimp.
We Went To the trail Blazers and Jazz Game and we got sweet seats This Doc i worked with gave them to me What a nice man!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh christmas Almost here!

We got our tree up yee haw and we have most of our christmas shopping done i'm so excited!

Saturday, November 22, 2008





Twilight Maddness!

Me and Paul waited a hour and a half to see Twilight it was crazy Awesome! There were lots of Teenage girls and we Waited forever and then these people tried to butt us!
I Got a little mad and pushed them back a bit Paul was like don't mess with my wife it was So funny now when i think about it but i was fuming when it happened. So i would just like to thank Paul for watching my back for all i know i could have got shanked!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Deer Meat!

My mom invited me to go to her house ,to bottle some deer meat with her. Little did i know it was going to be so much fun. Okay so try to picture this you will probably laugh. When i got there there was a gutted and skinned deer on the kitchen counter. No Bambi this one was a 5 by 6 Buck Key word "Was". It was a whole lot of deer!

Along came Dave with some sort of a electrical saw He starts her up and begins cutting it up into smaller Pieces a little Red neck this i am aware of but it works like a charm.

Carrie and Marty and Jill and Nadia arrived Shortly after i did and You should have seen There Faces when they Saw Dave's Method of getting the Job started it was priceless but they all came to the conclusion that it was very effective.
So then it was our turn we had to cut the freshly "sawed"meat into tiny cubes.Then when we got a lot of cubes we popped them into the oven to brown the meat.With some of the meat we put it into a meat grinder and made hamburger that was Fun my arms got tired From pushing the meat down me and Nadia took turns. When it got quite Carrie would burst into song and everyone would sing along. All in all we had a lot of food storage when we left And a great bonding experience.

Here's a list of Things you Need to bottle Deer!
1. A deer.
2. A red neck with a saw
3. Eight willing people that don't mind getting there hands dirty.
4. A meat grinder and someone who knows how to run it.
5. Family togetherness
Here's a movie of everyone singing as they worked.

Good ol country Deer

Saturday, November 8, 2008

House Hunting

You know house hunting isn't all its hipped up to be in a way, I feel like its the biggest test God has given my and Paul. Its really hard when you have fallin love with the house too and Paul's dad always tells us "Don't to fall in love with a house"!

Well while were on the subject me and Paul feel in love with A house this passed week it was perfect it was right next to us like a couple houses down, it would have been a easy move.

It had a nice big garage/shop for Paul it had a craft room for me it even had a decent backyard and not to mention a big bathtub!

We have been house searching for a while and this was the best we've seen so far Then our lovely Realtor Called us and said there was five offers on the house and one of them was excepted We were To late! I know this might sound dramatic but Me and Paul were so mad and mostly sad Paul keeps telling me another one that's way better will come I'm sure hes telling himself that also, I have been so ornery lately also i know the devil is working hard on me and Paul Me lately.

We have been going back to church and I've been really excited about the whole thing We finally found our ward yee haw!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumkin carvin!

we went to FHE And we got to meet the Robinson's. They were so nice and there kids are so cute we carved pumpkins together it was allot of fun our pumpkin is a happy one. Paul even carved a booger in ours lol it was so funny.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Best suprise EVER!

So here's what happened me and Paul were looking for costumes all day to go to the Rush valley church Halloween party.
I was a rockstar and i thought we would go to my moms house first to get everything together and help with there costumes like we did last year same thing.
So we got to the house and my mom went along with the rockstar thing and we got ready to go and Dave asked if we wanted to all ride together? I was like no we can drive its okay then Dave was like i need to pick up some things at the town hall first do you just want to follow us there?
we were like yeah sure just go over there load it up, and then we would be off to the church.
Well when we pulled up i saw Dans car and was like wait a min is the party here?
Then i saw Clay and Jesse's car then Shauna's and Zack's but when i asked if they were there cars the answer was always NO! I was like No it couldn't be i would know if they were coming out here they would tell me. Then i walked in and the lights were off then i got in and i saw Weston and Michelle and Michelle was like surprise! I was so surprise it was so fun we played musical chairs and "heads up three up" and everyone dressed up and so i didn't feel so dumb for dressing up. I just want to thank all those who came and thanks Jess for not getting to excited and telling me lol it was so much fun to see my family there!I LOVE YOU PAUL! Thanks for the gift cards and the sweet sweater!

This pic is my favorite !

It was so much fun with all my sisters!

We look so much a like its crazy!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Ranch!

This Was so Fun On the way up to the Ranch me and Paul got lost but we knew shaunna and Zack were right behind us to save us! Me and shaunna planned it So that the first person there would put a cup on mile marker 14 so i found a a subway cup in my car and stuck it on. So when she got there she found it and knew we were already there so if we got lost she would be behind us:)

I just want to say that was pure genius!
Clay Jess and their Jeb, came on Saturday that was fun we went to greet them and we were right on time Alan and Dave were in the Explorer and they decided to drive it op this mound of dirt i was sure they were going to get stuck! But they didn't of course because they" knew what they were doing" lol! Any who to the right is a pic of the sagers Fam all in cute hats it was kinda cold it rained Alot! But it was so fun! We stayed in the Trailers and played games at night With shaunna and zack. It was nice and toasty.
I took this really pretty picture It was raining really hard and the sun was trying to shine threw!

We went to the mines and Hiked around in them and Paul zack and Clay made up a ghost story and it was cute it was about a nice ghost Named Jester a ghost a little to nice! It was funny

Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Family Home evening!

So this is how it went we go over to my parents house every Monday for family home evening ,This time Dave did the lesson he was a missionary we were the family he was teaching. Ben and Becka were our kids . The lesson was about faith so Dave taught it to us and we asked questions as if we were none members and occasionally one of my kids would ask questions of course they already knew the answer Becka asked "were is the church?" Ben asked "what is church" they got a pretty good kick out of it then Ben stated acting up Becka just turned to me and whispered I'm the big kid and Ben's little. I just had to laugh because at that time she was right she was being the bigger kid.And listening i just thought it was funny! here's some pics i took after the lesson. Oh yeah and after we watched a movie it was great! This is Paul on our way there i told him to take a pic of him so hes saying me in this pic!lol!
This was after the lesson Dave was hungry!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Game!

Jess and Clay invited us to go to the Utah state vs. U of U Game and Paul was cheering for U of U and We were cheering for Utah State.
So of course we were his enemy during the game.
The first touch down was by Utah state So of course we all got up and cheered all of us but Paul that is that was really the only good touch down they made that touch down was followed by i felt a hundreds touch downs by U of U They pretty much Kicked our butts but it was still fun and of course Paul was really happy.
I haven't ever been To a college football game so i was really excited we all decided to paint A's on our faces well all of us being Jess ,Jeb And I.
Jess kept posing really cute for me So i would keep taking pics of her they all turned out so cute here's one of them.

When we first got there it was really sunny so we were all squint eyed.
Jeb was having a lot of fun at first but then it started getting really loud there was this U of U fan sitting behind us That Jeb loved. He was so nice to him it was cute.
The mascot for U of U came up to Paul and gave him a high five i couldn't get to the camera in time so i just got him walking away it was pretty funny.
Jeb didn't know what to think about him and me and Jess are scared of mascots just people dressed up in general.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bear Lake

Up Jeb is chillen in his awesome yellow floaty he was so chill!

Jebs so cute and his mom is so good with him.

Me Paul and Jess and clay all went out and played this weird game we made up while jeb was with his Grandpa having some bonding time:)

I love this pic Paul was walking Jeb around and Jeb would just stop randomly and just look up and smile at paul it was so cute it was like he was saying thank you Uncle paul your my favorite!



And this is my handsome Dad we all went to bear lake because my dads moving to Alaska.

We will miss him but Now that i have a blog he can look us up and of course we are going to call and visit I'm excited about that I've never been to Alaska! He is getting Married September 14th 2008 to Lenette she's totally awesome i;m so excited for her to be in our family and she's a lucky Gal getting my dad.

Wedding pics! yay

We got married July 14 2007 in colinston utah.

I just couldnt beleive we were finally married!

All of my brides maids shaunna Danielle krystal Me:) Jess Nadia JaNae Heather.
It was so hott and my dad just kept taking pics but we all endured it was a perfect day!

I love this pic!

Pictures of us at Bekah's Baptism

We rock and roll!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Larry The Cable Guy Get r dun!"2007"

Okay yeah so i was so excited i kept taking pictures of myself in the car And when we got there Paul almost didn't let me take the camera in it was scary! He thought they would take it away from us and it said no cameras aloud but oh well were rebels i tried to get a pic of Larry but it really didn't turn out but it was so fun!
Here's my pic i tried to get poor people in front of me my flash was so bright. I got scared and i hurried up and hid my camera away just in case the camera wouldn't take it.

This is my sexy pout face pose in the car on the way! lol oh geezer
His Act was at the energy solution center so I'm standing by Karl Malone making the dunk! I was saying i could see up his shorts but i was just kidden i really couldn't hes just a statue.yeah know!

This was my wedding present from Paul he wrapped it up in this big card he made it was so cut i will take pics and load them on! You guys will love it. I sure love you Paul and its been one year and i cant wait for the eternity together.

The Newly Weds