Thursday, October 25, 2012

Snow day!

Yay we got snow!! Olya came early in the morning got Jasper and I to play in the snow with her.
what a fun gal!
So we made a snow man and Jasper loved eating the snow I mean loved it!
He loves to play outside and is always keeping his mamma busy!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Awe we are having a girl and I am so excited ! And just in awe I really thought I would have all boys.
When she told me it was a girl I know this sounds silly but I actually cried!
I mean who does that!
I asked Paul what he thought it was and his words were "I'm going to say its a girl because I know it's a boy" I was like what ever that means!
During the ultrasound I couldn't believe how much she was moving for a moment all I could see was legs and arms just flinging.
And then she kept on trying to smack us away from her!
Awe she's a cutie she looked so small and petite.
Now we have to start looking for girl names.
We are just so happy and excited and We feel so blessed :)
I told jasper he was having a baby sister and showed him the pics and he said awe kitty. Lol he is so funny!
We went on a hike yesterday with some friends and it was slot of fun the weather was so nice.
Here are some pics of the hike and Jasper's sister.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

So domesticated....

My neighbor had a lot of purple grapes just sitting there.
so me and Olya decided to ask him if we could pick some.
His reply was pretty much please do so we did it was so much fun, the grapes were so yummy. Jasper and Emma were just gobbling them right up . I love canned fresh grape juice so we knew we what we were going to do with all the yummy grapes.
Then our good friend Sandra had a butt load lol of green grapes so many so we had a play date and picked those as well.
I never thought I would have so much fun Canning but I just got right in there. And kinda took over whoops!
Thank goodness Olya didn't mind I am excited to plant a garden next year and can some stuff!
Here is a pic of my cute little juices all canned:) sitting on a super cute table runner that my super talented sister in law made for me:) and my little helper in his diap.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Relief society calling...

Well it's official I am a relief society teacher and I must say the first time teaching last Sunday was a little scary!
But it was a great lesson that pretty much taught itself it was about staying on the lords side of the line.
It was great because I think I needed the lesson more then anyone.
I thought it was crazy that the blessings you receive here on this earth, are blessing that Heavenly Father already knew you would get before the earth was made.
And you just have to stay on the lords side and you will receive these blessings AWESOME!!!
Anyway I have had so much fun with the ladies in my ward and I am so blessed to have then in my life.
I also have been crafting a lot but not finishing the projects.
So today I might get to finish some and post some pics.
Jasper poor little fella fell off the couch and put his tooth threw his lip it was so sad luckily it didn't go threw the other side just left a huge hole in it.
And it is begging to heal so he doesn't have a fat lip and drilling uncontrollably ..
He is so sweet I love my little guy I can't believe we are having another one in march!
It just its unreal we are finding out the gender tomorrow so exciting:) I've got to start sewing up some stuff!
It feels like this blog is becoming more of a journal more then anything it feels good just to get it out:)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Farewell soccer:(

Well I'm almost five months along so I had to tell my team see ya next year! I had so much fun playing it was great to get away and just play.
Luckily my last game we got to play my great friend Stacy's team so much fun! I almost got 2 goals! This last game yay!!! Almost though but it's been fun I just thought I should slow it down a bit.
I'm feeling so good and eating probably to much but I can still run and do everything I did before being pregnant.
Jasper is getting cuter and cuter every single day! He makes me laugh because he has this great personality! I love my little boy so much he's a lot of fun!
We got to go to Cately's softball game and we had a blast little J was even cheering for her she is the sweetest little girl! She must have got that from her mama:) and Alex is a sweetie too!
Well that's it for tonight.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Relief society conference= LOVE

I went to Relief society conference and it was so much fun. I am truly blessed to have these woman in my life. They are so much fun I love just the sisterhood of relief society and how we are all in this together and we all have our trials and tribulations and we are all different yet we are always there for each-other.
Whether it be we are just having bad days and we need to have a cry or when we need a babysitter these sisters are always there.
I loved the talks in conference I love through the atonement everything will work out. I'm not going to lie I think about this all the time if it will work out in the end but it just reassures me that it will.
And that god knows me personally and knows the trials and worries that I have.
What a great conference I can't wait for conference weekend.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Winnemucca is fun to say.

We took the train to go see my sister and get her ready for baby #3 awe:) I can't wait to meet him.
It was quite a ride on the train an adventure I like to say. It was a night ride so we got on in salt lake at 11:30 at night and we arrived in winnemucca at 5:30 in the morning.
I didn't sleep and jasper finally got to sleep around 2:00 and then when he fell asleep it was smooth sailing the rest If the way. It was crazy to hear the trains horn every so often and realize that I am actually on that train.
It was dark so I didn't see a whole lot and all the people on the train were either asleep or trying to sleep.
So it was really quite. Until around 3:30 4:00 when we picked up a new batch of people this load was quite interesting there was a elderly gentlemen in particular that I was the most amused by. He was loud everything he did was loud his cough the way he talked was hilarious he was hard of hearing so whenever he spoke he would yell! And I mean yell! He was cracking me up.
We loved visiting with them and jasper and azure were always together! Jasper loved his cousins and when it was time to go he kept giving them kisses. We did tons of fun things and we loved there big yard and trampoline :) and there dog Annie jasper still talks about her. So fun can't wait to go back ! The train ride on the way back was from 7:05 to 3:05 it was better we met this really nice lady going to Chicago with her husband so nice. We will be going back to see them soon!