Saturday, June 20, 2009


So i volunteered for the Wasatch back race called the Ragnar, I had no idea what i was getting my self into but it turned out really fun Paul came and we got free bright orange shirts:) I loved them so when we got there we had to Park and then get shuttled down to the finish line so we got on this bus, its funny because i got Paul to come with me and i had no clue on what to do so we just went with the flow.

Me and Paul at the End we were so cold waiting
for the shuttle i was dancing to keep warm and we
met some Funny people in line in front of us they wanted
to snuggle i was like yeah we should to keep warm but
Paul wasn't having any of it i really don't blame him.
Paul's not good with surprises so when we got there i didn't tell him we had to get shuttled to the finish line and he was just like ok that's cool i was so surprised! But the bus was so full we had to stand and the bus driver was so crazy i was falling on people it was funny i was always saying sorry for randomly sitting on peoples laps, Paul thought that was pretty funny i thought it was fun just seeing there reactions when i would fall on them oh geese good times on the bus down there but it gets better!

This is the bus we were on.

This is the bus i wanted to be on:)

So when we finally got off the Bus to the finish line there were so many People it was crazy and they were crazy i have never seen so many guys wearing spandex in my life!

Guys in Kilts ! Picture of Stacy she ran the last leg 12 miles!

And there Were guys wearing kilts and wigs it was so funny so i went and signed in and they just gave me kind of a none sense job it was to keep this area moving so there would be room for the runners coming in and so i had to be bossy, which was fun i must say it was scary at times to tell people to keep it moving because they would give you the dirtiest looks like who are you to tell us, i would just point at my bright orange shirt like hey its my job lady lol it was fun i met a friend there and i found Elvis here are some pictures it was so pretty! And i ended up getting a more important job that's were Paul came in to play because it was hard i had to find the teams and give them there time cards and tell them were to go for Team Pictures.

This was my Partner her name was Mikaela

This is me an Elvis i think i was trying to be gangster with him i really don't know i was a little star struck i guess.

Doesn't sound hard but there are so many teams coming in at once i was sweating running from all the teams trying to find there cards so Paul had to help me thanks Paul:) But i think we should do it so if i have any takers reply and i will get more info on it we need 12 People for the team.

Monday, June 15, 2009

How We Met.

OK so Michelle Tagged me so here it is Me and Paul Met in high school i was actually dating his friend and he had asked if i knew his friend Paul Jensen i went over his name in head and said his name does sound familiar but when i saw him i hadn't seen him before. But i Just knew there was something about him needless to say Paul's Friend was really a waste of my time so i started getting to know Paul better So we Talked he sat in front of me in history and i would copy of his tests so he was the smart one for sure and he was really easy to talk to.
But when school got out for the summer we just said our good byes and i though that was going to be the end of it with us So this was my junior year in high school when i first saw him and met him so that summer It was in June 17 i went to the bowling ally with a couple of my Friends I know the date because it's JaNae's Birthday and we were running around the bowling ally all crazy and i spotted Paul playing Pack man cute huh.
So i casually bumped into him and i told him to call me i was probably putting it on pretty strong but a few days later he called and then he came out and we went on this hike to the cave on the pass and we didn't bring our flashlights now that's a different story. But we've been together ever since:) Ok so i Tag... Jessica sagers, Shaunna Ludlow,LindaAnn Adams.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

J&W Fab.

This Is the Picture that Paul Jensen and Tj Winn will look at when they are old and say look how young we were. lol This is in front of there shop they got there bender Yesterday man those things are Pricey! But i am so Proud of Them for starting there dream to be business partners:) They will do so well. So if you guys Need Anything welded just give them a call Pauls Number (435) 830-6631

Monday, June 8, 2009

Saint Goerge with The Danster.

Alright so Dan and myself went on a wonderful trip to Saint George.

It was so nice when we got there they gave us gift bags for staying in the condo it had alot of cool stuff in it. Then right away we got into our swim suits it was 95 degrees So So So Nice i loved it so did Dan she was so amused by the Palm Trees in Utah.

I'm not going to lie so was i kept telling her it was like we were somewhere exotic like Cancun lol but i would like to go to Mexico someday for sure.

When we were there we went on a little hike i sure wish i would have had a tripod because we would have to ask people to take our pictures, or i would set the camera on a rock and run to be in the pictures now that was pretty tricky.

We went to the Saint George temple it is so Pretty I was telling Dan how when i saw the Temple i felt sick to my Tummy like that home sick feeling and she told me that she did too and she said our spirits probably miss heaven i agreed.

I loved it there i didn't want to come back but i missed Paul like razy! Paul watched Alex and Catly when i was gone on Saturday he had so much fun. They went on a long Bike ride together Paul loves Them so much he said they were so darn cute!