Sunday, October 21, 2012


Awe we are having a girl and I am so excited ! And just in awe I really thought I would have all boys.
When she told me it was a girl I know this sounds silly but I actually cried!
I mean who does that!
I asked Paul what he thought it was and his words were "I'm going to say its a girl because I know it's a boy" I was like what ever that means!
During the ultrasound I couldn't believe how much she was moving for a moment all I could see was legs and arms just flinging.
And then she kept on trying to smack us away from her!
Awe she's a cutie she looked so small and petite.
Now we have to start looking for girl names.
We are just so happy and excited and We feel so blessed :)
I told jasper he was having a baby sister and showed him the pics and he said awe kitty. Lol he is so funny!
We went on a hike yesterday with some friends and it was slot of fun the weather was so nice.
Here are some pics of the hike and Jasper's sister.