Friday, January 28, 2011


We went on a trip with Paul's Family to Moab and Monticello to watch Weston and Michelle Race it was a lot of fun It was my very first Trip with Paul's family boy was it fun i sure loved it!

After the Trip me and Michelle had the arts festival it was alot of fun and that is when me and Michelle got pretty close lets just say that.... Our Booth was the cutest booth at the arts festival i must say!

Me and Paul went to a Soccer game it was Fun but it was when i got prego and i was sooo Hot!

We found out I was Prego It was soo funny I actually took a test at work to prove my fellow workers wrong I was like there is no way well well well I actually was and now Hear we go :) I was so excited to tell Paul we were so scared and excited!

My Dear Aunt Passed away this was Really really really hard for us because we are so close to her she lost a battle with cancer but boy did she give it a good fight! she was a really awesome lady she would make me laugh so hard she was such a good dancer and her laugh was contagious she is greatly missed! Love you cindy!

New Post!

So Hear Are My New Year GOals! yay!!!!
My First one Is to get this Little guy out safely.
I want to call My Family More Just to keep Track of them :)
Do more service for those in need.
Get back in Shape.
Learn how to Quilt.
Weld my first Craft Idont know what it will be yet but im excited to learn.
Just Be a better person.