Monday, June 8, 2009

Saint Goerge with The Danster.

Alright so Dan and myself went on a wonderful trip to Saint George.

It was so nice when we got there they gave us gift bags for staying in the condo it had alot of cool stuff in it. Then right away we got into our swim suits it was 95 degrees So So So Nice i loved it so did Dan she was so amused by the Palm Trees in Utah.

I'm not going to lie so was i kept telling her it was like we were somewhere exotic like Cancun lol but i would like to go to Mexico someday for sure.

When we were there we went on a little hike i sure wish i would have had a tripod because we would have to ask people to take our pictures, or i would set the camera on a rock and run to be in the pictures now that was pretty tricky.

We went to the Saint George temple it is so Pretty I was telling Dan how when i saw the Temple i felt sick to my Tummy like that home sick feeling and she told me that she did too and she said our spirits probably miss heaven i agreed.

I loved it there i didn't want to come back but i missed Paul like razy! Paul watched Alex and Catly when i was gone on Saturday he had so much fun. They went on a long Bike ride together Paul loves Them so much he said they were so darn cute!