Friday, February 19, 2010


We Went to get new bike because i want to spend more time with Paul and so we decided to get bikes. It was funny because we had the salesmen fighting and everything to get the lowest price on them and what they should throw in like helmets and tie downs.
So we got a free helmet for me and free tie downs so it was AWESOME I'm so excited to go Riding with Michelle and Weston well tomorrow Michelles Birthday Ride So we will see how it goes!
And then me and Paul are going riding together how Romantic best Valentines Present Ever! Pauls Bike is the 450 x and i got the honda 150.
I love it but i have to kick start it so i have to get used to that i brused my shin already and i only had it for not even a hour but i'm getting gear like knee pads and chest protector and boots its so cute Paul is so protective he's always like be careful but i'm the same way with him i want him to be careful too because he's got a big bike and it even has a head light wich was crazy but awesome!