Monday, June 25, 2012

ARTS Festival

The Arts festival was so much fun this year I got to be with My favorite person the whole time and I met a bunch of New people.
This year we had a booth full of fun sewing stuff , I am the seamstress and Michelle is the quilter So we had beautiful quilts and cute little dressed and baby shoes.

And I made tons off Cloth High chairs So if anyone is interested just shoot me a Email At When I get the pics off my camera I will post them, they are adorable and handy.
And the great news is that we are doing it next year and hopefully in the same spot we had a great spot this year it was by everything and we could hear the music really well and get to the food fast:).

I left my little guy with his dad all weekend and they got some serious bonding in Im glad because he was starting to be a serious mammas boy.