Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Home!

We Finally found our home I feel so blessed we found this one it is Really the house for us we are lucky everything fell together.
Its so nice to finally say yeah you can come to my house Me and Paul Painted our room Paul let me pick out the paint its a really pretty color i think lol There's alot of work to be done but it's so fun! I'm excited for my family to come see it hint hint.... I miss my family alot lately. We don't have Internet but when we get it i will post some pictures i love you guys!


So i ran my marathon! wow was that feels great to Finally say that I've Ran it its over I dont have to stress about it anymore it really wasn't as bad as i thought it would be my trainming really paid off.
I pictured my self crawling to the finish line Dead as can be but it didnt happen that way it might have been the silent prayers thanking heavenly father I Made it to each mile mark.
I'm not going to lie it wasnt a walk in the park and i am still Recovering two weeks later...
This Marathon was in Logan top of Utah marathon it was a great experience and I'm so grateful for all my family that came to cheer me on it gave me a boost of energy when i needed it the most thanks(: I cant wait for the next one i can see why people get addicted to it.