Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Arts festival..

The Arts festival is done!!!!! I am so happy to finally say this it was stressing me out just a little... 
Don't get me wrong I loved every minute of it just not the prepping part I felt like I yelled at my wee one a little to much and was a big onry mom. 
Now that it I over me and Jasper are back on good terms. 
I got to bring little Kira with me this year because she is attached to me,meaning only I can feed her.
 good thing she's a great baby, and smiles a lot I think she brought in most of our customers. 
My favorite part of the art festival this year, was spending some quality time with one amazing gal! 
My sister in-law she is just so amazing she has been threw so much, and has also accomplished so much. 
Usually we go around, at the end of the show and trade our stuff with the other vendors.
 But this time all I wanted to trade with was the person I shared my booth with. 
She had so many cute things to decorate a home with.
 I am in love with her table runners and pillows and quilts!
Ill have to show ya what a scored from her. 
I had made a few odds and ends this year I made back the money I had spend on doing it so I was on top! 
All in all it was a great arts festival we got to meet some pretty awesome people and some pretty interesting people as well;) 
And the food was pretty interesting as well here's a pic of the nachos we ate if it looks painful to digest let me assure you it was! Lol
Well I think that's it about the arts show!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Well I haven't posted in quite awhile we got Kira blessed a couple Sundays ago and can I just say both Paul and I have the most supportive families! They are so sweet! Paul was able to stand in the circle:) and I got to sew her dress:) 
And my grandparents came I loved listening to my grandpas testimony he has gone threw so much and his testimony is so strong. And my mother bore hers as well she is such a sweet lady. I felt the spirit so strong. 
I am so happy that I have the gospel in my life it just makes things so much happier! 
I have been busy with the 2 kiddos and Paul has quite his job to pursue his own business.
 I haven't seen him this happy to go to work in well forever.
And he is so happy when he gets home. 
I have been sewing for the arts festival lots of super fun stuff I'm really excited mostly kid stuff and dresses. 
It's hard to find time to sew but I try to squeeze her in whenever I get a chance jasper is growing so fast and I have found that I have to watch him a little more closely he tends to get into trouble when I don't, must be a 2 yr old thing in fact while writing this I found myself prying a Cheerio out of my little Kira's mouth because he wanted to share. So I better get going because who knows what's next! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So stinking cute!

So I got off Pinterest and Facebook and found myself with lots of time on my hands! So I went threw my closest and found all my shirts that fit funny or don't fit anymore. And I loved this one shirt it was my favorite because I the unique colors. Well I cut her all up and made what I think is a cute outfit for Kira. Paul thinks its old ladyish but that's totally my style! I unfortunately did not take a before shot of it. But I do have a pic of me wearing it here she is!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A little sleep goes along way!

I painted a dresser for Kira today it was alot of fun.
Here are the pics I got A little carried away with the stain.
But I love the color I even bought a swimsuit the same color
Before and after and swimsuit lol

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tuesday shark feeding day!

So we finally went to the sandy aquarium:)
I have always wanted to go and check it out and I must say I was pretty impressed.
For a aquarium in Utah it was really awesome! They had tons of animals.

I mean when we drove up to it I was a little let down because of the outward appearance because it looked like it could have been a K mart before. But once ya get in it's a pretty nice facility.
We got to pet sharks and sting rays and starfish and we saw cute penguins and river otters.
And both Jasper and I faced our fears Jasper's a giant spider and mine a giant anaconda that you would only see on the movies! And then there was the huge octopus now that was cool:)
And I got to see a hue sea turtle just swimming around it was awesome! I freaking love turtles I have tried to get Paul to let us get one numerous times.
He says they stink and would rather get a lizard and I'm not a fan of lizards so it's a good thing we can't settle on one.
After the aquarium went to the Olive Garden for lunch yum!
Kira was so easy to take out with us she ate three times and slept threw most of it.
Then we visited Paul's brother Des and his uncle.
Then Hit babies R us to spend a gift card on diapers : / I wanted to get a bouncing chair for Kira but Paul convinced me to get diapers instead against my better judgement!
Diapers are good to have on hand and we are stocked up for sure!
Then we hit some stores around there and I was pooped what a long fun day with my perfect little family!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Jasper 2

I thought I would blog about fun things jasper does at this age.
In the morning he wakes me up with a HI mommy!
He loves to sing.
He loved playing with his Legos and he is very good at building things already;)
he likes to dance.
Favorite TV show Daniel tigers loves it EVeRYtime it comes on he is glued!
Favorite food: pizza and apples.
Things I love to hear him say.
"Baby sisser"
"There you are!"
"Come on come on mom."
Today he told his cousin Jeb "I like your hat!"
He told Paul the other night before bed."PAUL want to say blessing" lol family prayer:)
He calls his dad Paul.
He calls his grandma and grandpa both grandpa.
He loved baths and playing outside.
He has the best personality and I love him so much I couldn't imagine life without this cute little guy:)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Love my Fam!

So I have been sooo tired lately! But I can honestly say that being so tired is a blessing sometimes.
I don't have the energy to care about the little things like yelling at Jasper or getting mad at Paul for little things not like I do it a lot but it just feels like everything is chill and not a big deal!
And when I'm really tired I don't blush as often as I used to I love that because I hate feeling my face turn bright red for no reason!
My lack of sleep lately is mainly because my little gal is on nights and so is Paul and jasper sleeps in with me when Paul's on nights, And he tends to want to sleep sideways!
But it's crazy to think I have 2 kids now it just feels like our family is complete not thinking of more kids just yet.
Jasper is doing so much better that first week was super hard on me because I was worried about him and he was acting out. And I cried a lot!
But now he's found his place in our little family and it's just so much more peaceful!
Kira is growing fast it seems and jasper just wants to play with her mostly give her tons and tons of kisses! Long kisses too! I have to break it up sometimes!
Jasper is talking a lot! And he is a little bossy at times I feel like he is a reflection of me so I am trying to be les bossy.
A bad thing about being so tired is that my house Isn't as clean as I would like it to be and I want to start sewing but I have no drive!
And my laundry is clean just not folded and put away as it should be. But anywho that's my life right now pretty great I must say! I love my family especially my husband I don't know where I'd be without him making me laugh everyday.
And just him being so positive! Love you Paul!
Yesterday day I let jasper finger paint and I just put him in his diap he loved it so much he didn't want to put clothes on all day! Lol

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our little girl:)

Hey everyone!! I'm back! And we have a new member of our beautiful family.
Well she's a little early and I really can't believe she I here already!
I went in to my weekly appt. and on the way to this appointment I kept telling my self everything was going to be okay i just kept reassuring myself that it was just going to be like all the others.
Well when I got there it wasn't she listened to her heart beat and measured me and I was measuring 35 weeks when I was 37! That got me worried and then she said she might not be head down or there's there's low fluid level so we got into the ultrasound room and she just started when she got a phone call!
And then she was gone so I had all these scary thoughts going threw my head and the nurse put me on a stress test I of course started crying not knowing what was going to happen hopefully not a c section.
But the nurse was so nice! The doc finally came back and we did the ultrasound she said she needed to come out as soon as possible because there wasn't a lot of fluid and she wasn't growing very well.
So soon was the next day I guess and I kept asking if everything was going to be fine she kept looking at me like yes!
So I called my mom and she was on her way just like that!
I got home and told Paul the news he was more excited! And he helped my calm down and relax because i kept trying to clean the house.
My mom and Dave got here and he gave me the most beautiful blessing I had ever had. I knew it was going to be ok :) Jasper was confused but there's really no way to prep a 2 yr old for what was about to happen.
We woke up at 4:30 and got ready and my mom came with us to the hospital we got there at 5:30 and they started me on pitocin and I was just speeding along I was feeling the contractions pretty good and I was prob at a 4 when I got the epidural now that epidural was painful this time around.
And after I got it I found out that I could still feel all of the contractions but just on the left sided meaning it was one sided epidural!
I did not want them to do it again so I was just going to be strong and then they started getting stronger and so we called him back in and he pulled it out a little and drugged me up real good.
The doc came in right after and checked we were ready to push!
Already I thought. Yep wow it was 12:35 and we had her in my arms at 12:58! So quick! And easy! Didn't feel a thing.
She was not crying so I was worried then they got her to cry.
She's so little compared to jasper 6lbs 3oz jasper was 8 lbs 14 oz! Just crazy!
She is adorable Jasper just loves her to pieces even though it did take a week to work on that;)
I love having two kiddos it's hard but I love it!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A new year!

Where did 2012 go??? Well it's gone and now everything starts new right?
Well I haven't made any goals I have felt a little lost in the 2013 year.
Just trying to figure things out my life what I want to happen in 2013 and how much our little guy had grown in just one year. I'm not gona lie a tad depressing but I need to focus on all the good!
2012 was a great year lets reflect a little shall we?
Paul got a new job yay!!! And he loves it.
Jasper started swimming lessons :) mainly to get mom out of the house.
We bought a new to us car:)
Arts festival.
Found out we are adding a little gal to our little Fam:)
We got to go hiking as a family I would call that a vacation:)
And Jasper and I took our first train ride to go see my sister in winnemucca.
Lots of good things I'm just focusing on the good. Because there were some trials and heart aches this last year as well.
Well here's to a new and happy year ahead of us!
Im excited to see what's in store and happy that I have such a great and talented family.
I love each and everyone of them.