Wednesday, November 23, 2011

9 Months is Different!

Jasper is 9 months!
He is so grown up he babbles a conversation with me like, I know exactly what he is talking about.  He crawls and he now expresses his anger in a very loud way! I think this age is really fun and difficult at the same time.  More fun he is starting to get a strong personality he absolutely loves Bruce(or truce as jasper says) our Dog  he crawls around the house chasing him Bruce starts it most of the time because he loves Jasper. I am really starting to realize how much I Love this  boy he is so sweet and loves to cuddle and laugh he sings and loves to dance when ever there is music.  I had to take him into the doctors a few days ago he had the beggings of a 2 ear infections. So its been tough because he hasn't been himself lately but we got him some meds and you can tell hes feeling a little better.   I am really so blessed to have such a wonderful family Paul's own business has picked up he works A LOT so he is gone most of the week he loves to weld and he is very talented. I am so blessed to know he is mine lol I love him so much and he provides for our family so i can stay home and watch our little one grow up.