Wednesday, May 27, 2009

YAY For New Post!

So hi everyone I'm officially Running the Top of Utah Marathon I'm so excited! Its September 19th Wow I really cant believe it! It's going to be awesome!
Memorial day Weekend was fun I went shopping in Park city With my Friend Stacy shes Running the Marathon with me we got some cute clothes me and Paul went to the Macaroni Grill on Monday and i haven't Felt good Sense I think i ate something Bad :( But I'm surviving lol.
Our Jeep has Broke down on us once Again we got it fixed but its always something and i Just want a replacement lol like that will happen but its worth a try. Were looking at houses today hopefully we can find a good one sorry if this is confusing and fast I'm trying to hurry I'll keep ya updated on what were looking at maybe I'll post some pics of the houses we like! love you guys!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bad News Good News Update!

So here's the bad news I need to get it out here my team didn't make the marathon list so were not running the marathon which is the poops but we will find another gosh I just had my hopes up ya know OK so its out I'm OK just going to go eat some ice cream and such.
The good news is that I'm posting finally and me and Paul are doing GREAT!
We are loving the weather so much i planted a lot of plants here's a picture well i Planted all these seeds the funny thing is i planted corn and its the only thing that looks good right now.
I don't know why i did this but i Planted it in this cute Rectangular box so I'll ether have these big corn plants growing in this little pot or they will just die they look good right now though. We got a Humming bird feeder it's so cute I love it I hope the humming birds like it too! I hung it on this tree here i hope she holds Paul's welding me something in the mean time excuse the glare. Isn't it cute!

oh yeah and Paul insisted on buying a weed eater so we bought a gas one, well if you haven't heard one of these before it sounds similar to a chain saw.
I hate chain saws so when Paul was outside playing with it i went inside and I kept hearing it getting louder and louder and i turn around Paul's got the chain saw slash weed eater in the house it scared me so bad i said some not so nice things What a bugger later i laughed but not at the time Paul said my face was Priceless here's a pic of the New Toy of Paul's.