Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 Was a good Year!

I almost Forgot how to blog it was pretty scary but now i got it. so Like i said 2008 was a pretty good Year For me and Paul but i must say I'm sure Glad it's over! Well I'm starting school This Spring And i am Nervous but so excited To get going I'm going to start off easy with my Math and Biology I have a Friend in one of my classes well biology so that will be good to know someone.
I'm Just feeling really good about this year i know a lot of good things are going to happen well A lot of good things have already Started To happen I just want to give a shout out to Shaunna And Zack Congratulations on your Temple Sealing That was Pretty Awesome And what a great example!
A Golds Gym Just opened by my house so I'm pretty sure me and Paul are going To Join i just don't want to get ripped off so I'm just scoping out the good Deals wish us luck It's a Really sweet Gym I'm really excited To Get Toned For the Triathlon I'm going to be Participating in With Jess This summer maybe a half Tri first we will have to see .
My New years resolution was to Take a scuba Diving Class to rid My Fear Of Drowning So I'm looking for anyone who would like to take it with me Paul's not Quite Ready for it. So i will get some info on when the classes are.