Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Arts festival..

The Arts festival is done!!!!! I am so happy to finally say this it was stressing me out just a little... 
Don't get me wrong I loved every minute of it just not the prepping part I felt like I yelled at my wee one a little to much and was a big onry mom. 
Now that it I over me and Jasper are back on good terms. 
I got to bring little Kira with me this year because she is attached to me,meaning only I can feed her.
 good thing she's a great baby, and smiles a lot I think she brought in most of our customers. 
My favorite part of the art festival this year, was spending some quality time with one amazing gal! 
My sister in-law she is just so amazing she has been threw so much, and has also accomplished so much. 
Usually we go around, at the end of the show and trade our stuff with the other vendors.
 But this time all I wanted to trade with was the person I shared my booth with. 
She had so many cute things to decorate a home with.
 I am in love with her table runners and pillows and quilts!
Ill have to show ya what a scored from her. 
I had made a few odds and ends this year I made back the money I had spend on doing it so I was on top! 
All in all it was a great arts festival we got to meet some pretty awesome people and some pretty interesting people as well;) 
And the food was pretty interesting as well here's a pic of the nachos we ate if it looks painful to digest let me assure you it was! Lol
Well I think that's it about the arts show!


Michelle Jensen said...

How cute does your table look!!! I love it. Thank you Amy, you are so sweet (almost too sweet, I don't deserve it). Thank you and you did so awesome :)

Ludlow's said...

It was fun to see you in your element. Am I the interesting person you met/encountered? Loves

amyandpaul said...

Shaunna you are silly I sure love you! Thanks for coming!:)